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Our Last 6 Months

The sleepover ends the fun party, or begins depending on how you look at it. A long night for mom, lots of fun for Brooklynn. Happy 9th Birthday Brooklynn!!!

The gangs is here, lets get the party started, you only turn 9 once Brooklyyn enjoy!!

And the gifts just keep on coming....

"Make Your Own Pizza"

Choices, Choices, Choices,--Let Me Think!!

I was inspired by a neighbor of mine in Syracuse, she only makes her kids cakes. I never do, so thought I would give it a try. Brooklynn said she wanted a cat birthday, so I made the cake. I was really happy with how it turned out, looks yummy, tasted yummy. I will have to try more different kinds of characters, lot of kids to practice on. Notice the eye lashes, paper looks great just not edible! She said she had a fun happy birthday, best day of her life!! Ha Ha. The loss of sleep, the crazy noise, the glad I only have 4 children thought, was all worth it!! Love you Brookynn Happy Belated 9th!!!

Our last 6 months

Our last six months, I posted from Christmas finally. We had the house on the market and got some people who want it in Feb. So we planned on moving out, no problem just getting a place close to my cousin in West Jordan, I wanted to be closer to her way excited. Brooklynn had a great birthday celebration at our house. Her first sleepover, lots of food, lots of girls, lots of noise, lots of running around, lots of it all night!! She had a great time, I didn't mind, Trevor helped out till about 8:30 p.m. then went to the movie with Stu, either that or die I think! I didn't get any sleep that night, when you check on them at 2:00 p.m. in the morning and they are still up (you have problems), that make for a tired Brooklynn the next day! We started the packing process in March, go rid of lots of toys and felt like packing was going well. Trevor went out in March to interview through Fidelity in Charlotte, NC. I didn't think much of it, was planning to move to West Jordan, completely happy with that thought!

Well he calls from Charlotte, got the transfer, we have two weeks to move out of state. I need to get packed, arrange all appointment with doctors, get all records, say goodbye to all friends and family! This was beyond difficult, got some checked off the list, my mind was mush. I didn't know what to expect, never lived out of Utah. Always wanted to stay in Utah, love to visit other places, not so much live there. The date for this "Big Move", was set for my birthday April 1st, not what I planned for my special day.

Our Last 6 months

Trenton at 5 months old, your first Christmas is right around the corner...Such a big boy way to strong for your age.

Brendan at preschool, learning to make snow flakes. I loved volunteering to help out, he has learned a lot, growing leaps and bounds! This special day in December he was "King for the Week", was featured all week and pics on the walls. Love ya, can't believe your on your way to going to kindergarten, my little man of 5 years old!!!

Lauren is showing off her gingerbread house that she did at preschool, we were never allowed to try any of it, instead sat on our counter for a week. She loves preschool, looks forward to it everyday she has it. Gets up early, gets already, and waits at the door with her backpack and coat ready for her ride. What a big three year old you are!!

Brooklynn's Christmas Dance Recital 2009
She looks gorgeous, danced beautifully, and had a fun night! After we enjoyed french fries and hot chocolate at a cafe to celebrate all her hard work. I love you Brooklynn and am so proud of you!!

Christmas Eve I love finding matching PJ's, can't wait till Santa comes!!

The Barlow's and Hales' Christmas party 2009. Lauren and Brendan opening gifts, they talked about this moment all day!

Christmas all about the kids, excitement in the air!!

Our Last Six Months

Well it has been awhile since I worked on the blog. My goal is get better at this, keep it updated and a better document of our family. A lot has happened since we posted the Christmas tree pics on in December. We enjoyed a Christmas with both families, and our little family had a quite Christmas just us! It was great, very easy going for the day! We did have some excitement right before the holiday, the furnace went out. Two days of a very cold home, thank goodness for space heaters, gotta love it that it went out right before the holidays and two days before a Christmas party at our home! It all worked out, and made us extremely grateful for what we have, and for what the pioneers endured. I love Christmas and that it brings everyone together, great times!! We did have a fun holiday, but also lost Grandma Hales, we will always miss and love you! I have enjoyed many long talks with Grandma Hales, how grateful I am for the time I have had with her and my memories!

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Trenton Lee Hales

Trenton was born on July 1st at 10:13 am. April had a scheduled C-section on the 1st. He was 7 lbs 2 oz and 20.5 inches.

Brendan was and still is very excited. He is so happy to have a brother.Brooklynn and Lauren are excited to a baby brother. Brooklynn is so good at holding him and help out. Lauren is happy to have "my new baby" and can not wait bring home "my new baby" home.